Our Mission

We supply disciples of The Most High with tools to boldly proclaim The Gospel.


We are a husband and wife, Jerry and Lucia, that started Sanctified Supply Co as a way to evangelize. We wanted to make walking billboards for the Most High. Like many of you, Lucia and I have always had a strong calling on our hearts to show people the love of our Creator and be bold about it.

Sanctified got its big break when we began working with YouTuber Bear Independent. That relationship was followed by a series of miracles which you can find that testimony on our YouTube video labeled “How we moved from Oregon to the Ozarks."

That experience inspired us to work with other YouTubers in hopes to get our message in front of more people. Working with other content creators brings believers and non-believers alike to our site thus spreading the faith!

As the world has became a stranger and darker place in the past couple years, we have found a calling to promote spiritual preparedness. Instead of mainstream Christianity flocking to the masses, there is a need for every day shepherds; people willing to guard and guide their families. With our products, we aim to inspire godly men to fulfill their roles as spiritual leaders. This world needs more people like David, Joshua, Caleb, and Gideon.

We are humbled that we get to steward a company which creates gear that turns heads, emboldens people, and invites conversation with skeptics. We are a small family on a mission. Come join the fight.