Time To Take A Stand *click here*

Time To Take A Stand *click here*

Recently we have had a heavy calling to do more to evangelize to people. We plan on using our website platform to reach more people but also to encourage the people we’ve reached to talk about some of the hard topics… after all, if we really love people then we are willing to share the truth (in a kind manner).
So much of this WORLD is heavily indoctrinated by the school systems and media. There are still so many people that don’t truly know Jesus and it’s because they are in a constant battle with the WORLD vs SPIRIT. How do we talk about the truth to those who have only been fed lies propelled by the enemies motives? Well, we have decided to put together a blog post where we can have links to resources to touch on these hard topics. Topics we wanna touch on:

- evolution & creationism

- Yah’s commands and why we need them

- what is sin and true repentance

- why did yeshua die for us.

Do you know of a great book, website or maybe a YouTube channel that touches on these topics? We would love to get resources from you guys and be able to share them with others. Like really! Have a testimony on how you shared your faith or had some of the hard conversations? We would love to hear that too!! We would also like to get some tracks out to the public SO we are in the middle of putting together some business cards that we can put with orders so that people can get them out! So many of you have followed us because you have the same desire and heart as we do, thank you for that… we are humbled by your support.

 Shalom - Jerry & Lucia

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